Load Testing


Software Load Testing: Its Main Features

It’s hard to imagine the modern world without numerous useful and convenient applications with beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Let’s look behind a beautiful internal menu and try to understand the meaning of load testing. Also, we will describe the features of each type of this kind of web testing.


Comparison of Software Load Testing Tools: Top 3 in 2022

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools to perform load testing. And most of them come in the Open Source form – dedicated projects in the free version. This article is a short overview of the most popular products that one way or another have already reached the leading positions in 2022 (or it will happen soon).


A Few Words About Load Testing

We all know that software testing is divided into many types and subtypes. But the most original one is always considered to be load testing. Further, we’ll talk about an approach to load testing and its features in detail.


Basic Terms in Load Testing

To understand approaches to load testing and bugs that can be fixed with their help, you need to have a good knowledge of the terminology. If you understand the same things that are called in a different way, you can be good at communicating, reaching the set goals in software testing.


Challenges in Conducting Load Testing and Using Its Tools

Load testing is one of the most difficult types of software testing. And the tools for such checks are not so great. Why is it so? And what are the solutions to this problem? We will consider all this further in the article.


Basic Types of Software Performance Testing

Any performance testing is not just a kind of testing but a general description of many testing types that gives data about current system behavior under different circumstances. Nowadays, software practice includes several performance testing types which we will consider in detail.


Analysis of the Load Testing Results by the Case of Gatling

Every day more and more diverse software for load testing appears in the world. Today we will talk about the Gatling tool as an example of the use of such software in the daily work of a QA specialist.


Performance Testing: Types and Popular Tools

Performance testing is a very important part of software testing that helps to check its proper performance. This type of testing has various types and also use cases that help to look at software system capability from different perspectives.


BlazeMeter – a Full Review of a Platform for Load Testing

BlazeMeter is a very useful tool to solve various tasks of load testing and other performance checks. Numerous integration options with third-party services, as well as lots of personalized settings, make BlazeMeter a useful tool in the everyday activity of not only a developer but also a tester.


How Should We Plan Load Testing on a Project?

In today’s world of IT community, it is really easy to find tools for load testing. You can combine them in several mechanisms and simulate load in several hundreds virtual users. But it won’t do any good; if you don’t understand why to perform these tests and what what results can lead to in the future.