Load Testing


Performance Testing: Types and Popular Tools

Performance testing is a very important part of software testing that helps to check its proper performance. This type of testing has various types and also use cases that help to look at software system capability from different perspectives.


BlazeMeter – a Full Review of a Platform for Load Testing

BlazeMeter is a very useful tool to solve various tasks of load testing and other performance checks. Numerous integration options with third-party services, as well as lots of personalized settings, make BlazeMeter a useful tool in the everyday activity of not only a developer but also a tester.


How Should We Plan Load Testing on a Project?

In today’s world of IT community, it is really easy to find tools for load testing. You can combine them in several mechanisms and simulate load in several hundreds virtual users. But it won’t do any good; if you don’t understand why to perform these tests and what what results can lead to in the future.


Best Load Testing Tools

The main idea of load testing is to create a certain level of load with the help of certain hardware and software tools, in order to study a load index of an application (device). This method can be the most efficient at the primary stages of development since it will help to receive the most actual results of the product’s performance index.


Fiddler: A Number One Product for HTTP Analysis

Sometimes, when QA engineers execute software testing, they have to monitor traffic between a client and a server, perform requests analysis and modifying. And in most cases, for this purpose specialists use Fiddler – a universal proxy that can intercept HTTP(S) traffic and ensure the work with it.


Quality Assurance Companies Sale Question

Ensuring accuracy, reliability and consistency of evaluation results, including return on investment is a difficult task indeed; winning management support is quite another problem. Even the best estimate of expenditure required to carry out a test subproject supplied with the most thorough business plan is no guarantee that you may avoid facing obstacles while making it. Some of these obstacles

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Offshore Software Testing Services: What Tasks Should Be Given in the First Instance

Software Testing Can be Classified as Follows: Functional testing is a software testing done to verify if an application performs its functions correctly (namely correctness of functional requirements). It is known as a black-box testing technique, however, white-box testing approach can be also useful for determining the functionality of a software app (checking the capability of the product to provide

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The Description of a Standard Load Testing Service with Example

Load testing companies count many types of load testing services, as the most of them are variations on a theme. Load Testing is a kind of performance testing that is executed to validate if the application will stand a load. It determines bottlenecks in the software and involves simulating real load for the target application. Proper load testing requires deep knowledge

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Aims of Load Testing Service

Main aims of load testing as a service: Assessment of app performance and app operativity on the development stage before exploitation one. Assessment of app performance and app operativity on the stage of the new releases & patch-sets development. App performance optimization, including server configuration & code optimization. Selection of appropriate hardware (software platform) and server configuration for the application.

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Load Testing Service: Main Objective & Technique

Load testing as a service provides capturing of performance indicators and a response time of the hardware-in-the-loop systems or devices in response to an external query in order to set up a correspondence with requirements. For studying the system response time at high or peak loads, dedicated testing teams perform stress testing service, due to the which a created load on a

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