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Outsource testing is known for a quite a long time in the global practice. Back in the 70s, the guru of programming Glenford Myers noted that for obtaining an objective assessment of the program product quality, independent software testing is necessary.

The interest to outsource testing waned in the late 80’s because of the implementation of quality standards and object-oriented programming. Nevertheless, new approaches didn’t manage to solve all the challenges and even made them more complicated.

That is why late 90’s was marked by a new wave of interest to the independent testing outsourcing. This industry updated to the new requirements and trends of the new century.

Why do software testing companies turn to the outsource software testing services? As a rule, the projects on creation and implementation of the software are planned in a way of the lack of some resources, like time, staff and financing. Besides, the performance of the complicated load testing services may require some special technical support.

The complexity of modern systems is very high and their requirements change quite often that it becomes impossible to consider all the factors on the planning stage. That’s why, in order to stay in within the limitations the program manager needs to make a sacrifice. Not surprisingly, that the victim is the software quality.

For the reasons described above, It-managers turn to the software testing outsourcing.

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