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Ensuring accuracy, reliability and consistency of evaluation results, including return on investment is a difficult task indeed; winning management support is quite another problem. Even the best estimate of expenditure required to carry out a test subproject supplied with the most thorough business plan is no guarantee that you may avoid facing obstacles while making it. Some of these obstacles will force the experts to perform less number of tests than planned. Sometimes there is no alternative to this procedure, because the company really cannot afford to cover all the risks to the system’s quality which are defined as serious during the risk analysis. So, let us consider some of the obstacles we face, and then examine in what ways they can be overcome. Click here to gain access to contacts of quality assurance companies that are available to minimize the possibility of defects in software applications.

First of all, we will talk about the obstacles that we, testers, create single-handedly. As usual, we regard the testing and quality as really important things in our professional life. Over the years, some of the tenets associated with software testing and quality attributes have become so obvious to us that it inevitably has had effect on the ability to communicate with people who see the project differently. Among these people are managers who decide on a software testing budget. As a result, we cannot speak the same language with the leaders. James Bullock said the following: “Attempting to argue in favor of software testing we often adduce arguments based on the misconception that the test is the right thing to do”.

Outsource testing to overseas partners and your development costs will be reduced while the product quality will not be affected.

We are sure that testing is an important part of the quality product development effort. However, the value of software testing is not always obvious to the manager. This is especially true in the case when the manager realizes that the proposed spending eats up a significant portion of the budget meant to cover the costs to complete the entire project, and the testing schedule delays the product release date. Things are even worse, when some testers pay attention to the problems associated with the need for testing, based on the fact that no one but them fight for the quality of the system. This attitude causes irreparable harm to their efforts to prepare and protect the testing budget.

Do you know that load testing services contribute to improving performance parameters of a software app? Yes, when subjected to a particular workload, the product can show its actual behavior – whether it can stay scalable, resilient, performant under a certain load or simply fail.

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