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Translation is only the first step of any localization. A good share of work is done by the dedicated tester team, editors and proofreaders. Only when the player sees the translation, you can check whether it meets the requirements of the game interface and the writer’s idea so that to make necessary corrections if needed.

Game Testing Companies offer services designed to test games for different requirements such as accuracy of game rules implementation, verification of compliance with the user interface, etc. Like in many literary texts, a close translation is not always identical to the correct variant. Knowledge of a context, slang and specifics of a certain game allows making a good translation.

Many game companies use own glossaries and set of terms, therefore a translator should know if it is necessary to translate this or that word, transliterate it or use a some established translation. Even the slightest inexactness of translation will inevitably provoke a fair criticism from devoted gaming fans.

Game testing service help to ensure that your game works perfectly on all popular mobile devices and desktops.

Since a text of game is always placed into the interface, during linguistic testing it is important to make sure that the translation is in compliance with the requirements. It is often necessary to adapt one or another term so that it can be more appropriately and more informatively displayed.

After translating the text and adapting it to the game interface, it may still be necessary to edit this literary text in order to make it understandable for the target audience and emphasize an important part of a description or a dialogue that was not obvious earlier.

It is not enough to find a mistake in the text. The most important thing to do is to define it and explain it to the editors. For this purpose, we use bug tracking systems such as Jira, Bugzilla, GNATS and so on.

Due to the fact that nowadays  games are everywhere, most players resort to the game testing services.  All of them expect from their games a quality that is possible to achieve with the help of game testing.

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