Compatibility Testing


VMware Network Connections in the Software Testing Field

A flexible VMware Workstation virtual platform (when properly used) can be considered as a good tool for testing and developing the software of various types.


How to Perform Game Testing for Compatibility With Antivirus Products?

Nowadays there are a lot of antivirus products and companion programs. Unfortunately, some of them can easily block the performance of legally installed games because of some viruses or their potential existence in this game. To prevent these situations, QA engineers execute specialized tests


Software Testing Services during Software Development with the Use of Agile Methodology

Software testing services are delivered to satisfy the needs of the users, therefore software testing companies do their best to meet the requirements in all software development life cycles.


Ad hoc Testing as a Kind of Software Testing Service

Ad hoc testing is the kind of software testing service that is carried out without specifications and planning. It is executed only unless the defects are uncovered. There is the necessity for adhoc testing when testers are short of time and cannot perform thorough testing so as to involve proper test cases along with test plans.


Testing Checklist For Mobile Apps

Mobile testing services are needed to make the users delighted with their apps every time, everywhere and at every turn.


Services For Screenshots and Texts Sharing Used in QA Outsourcing

Sooner or later the tester engaged in manual testing faces the challenge of making a screenshot and sharing it with the other teammates. The same problem has to do with some text, for instance, such as logs. Many necessary tools as well as reports on the subject are available on Internet. They can be helpful in sharing screenshots to be

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Guide to Website Independent Testing for Beginners

When being effective a website produces a powerful effect on the business. The users visit the website to look for necessary information. With regard to the website building tools they have general locations so as to concentrate on the expectations of novice users. Before coming to life the website (whole) is scrutinized by website testing tools. So, if you are

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How to Increase the Number of Successful Online Purchases?

Online shopping has many advantages over traditional one, but people face some problems buying gods and services online.


Peculiarities of Testing a Drupal Web Application

At present many web software products are powered by Drupal.


How does Independent Testing Increase Effectiveness of Development Process?

Though it is believed that programmers play the main role in software development, project profitability and time-to-market of an application depend significantly on test engineers as well. This is especially true for traditional development models such as Waterfall model.