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Online shopping has many advantages over traditional one, but people face some problems buying gods and services online.

Quality assurance consultants claim that a lot of purchase transactions are aborted due to various payment issues. As a matter of fact, online payment operations depend on numerous factors, including connectivity, technical aspects, availability of money on the customer’s card, etc. Various payment scenarios and related problems should be considered during functional testing, load testing, security testing and other quality assured services.

Many problems, such as typos, lack of money on the card, can be easily solved by the clients without any assistance, if the clients immediately receive substantial information about them.

To Increase the Number of Successful Payment Operations, an Online Shop Should Provide the Customers With:

  • ability to immediately contact with support service specialists, who can help to eliminate the problems;
  • clear and easy instructions on how to contact the support team;
  • immediate and informative feedback from the site about the errors that happened during payment operations, forming and placing orders (that means that the system should verify the input data immediately, not at the end of an operation).

Experts in ecommerce testing claim that these simple measures help to solve the majority of problems that happen during payment operations. This increases loyalty among the customers and popularity of the web shop.

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