Software Testing Services during Software Development with the Use of Agile Methodology

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Software testing services are delivered to satisfy the needs of the users, therefore software testing companies do their best to meet the requirements in all software development life cycles.

In custom software development, the end user is the customer who is interested in getting a quality software product subject to specific peculiarities of business processes to be automated. Due to the development of technologies, the customer often has difficulties in determining all the details of the future product in its initial development stage.

So there is the necessity to use flexible software development methodologies. Agile is a methodology that is aimed at the results through effective communication and flexibility in the software development process.

While implementing the practical tasks, Agile is not only used as an individual methodology but together with the following practical methodologies: Scrum, Extreme Programming, etc that are based on the principles of Agile. To ensure the quality of the product being developed under flexible sales terms, you should carry out continuous testing throughout its entire life cycle and solve the next tasks:

  • functionality testing services in order to verify whether the product works correctly in general and after alterations;
  • regression testing services for testing the whole system’s functionality;
  • load testing services;
  • stress testing services.

The Agile methodology includes ready software deployment after every iteration, thus, the performance of daily regressing testing is an obligatory condition. If test automation is not provided, then regression testing services are performed manually.

Advantages of automated testing services

Automated testing service allows saving human resources in order to perform a high-quality work. At that automated testing plays an important role since it takes a lot of time. When automating your testing, with any source code changes, the errors can be found and repaired as soon as regression testing starts.

As to testing methods, the decision table is the most convenient and useful method for both automated and manual testing. If there are a few actions to be performed, such a test is carried out manually, as the automation of this test requires more skills and much time. As a result, the customer purchases a serviceable, high-quality product that best meets their needs.

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