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The creation of a qualitative program product requires the implementation of properly balanced efforts of the several dedicated testing teams or even software testing companies but outsource testing enables to achieve the best results. The software quality plays a key role in all processes and such aspect as outsourcing is one of them.

Testing and Outsourcing

Testing is an integral part of any process of the software production. This stage is always present in the production cycle, whether the company has the testing department or not. Up-to-date standards of quality as ISO 9001 and Capability Maturity Model (CMM) pay special attention to the testing, allocating it to a separate vital stage of the software development process.

It is worth noticing that as a part of the overall strategy of quality assurance, the testing process is responsible for bug detection in the program code in contrast to the preventive organizational measures that are more focused on the prevention of the bug occurrence. The testing can be performed both by own efforts and by the assistance of an independent software testing company or the dedicated testing teams. In this case, such type of testing is called software testing outsourcing.

Software testing outsourcing is a process, when the testing is transferred to a third-party company that specializes in the software testing and quality assurance services. Outsource testing is much more profitable than performing testing by the company’s own resources. Besides, the risk of financial losses caused by possible downtimes or insufficient workload for the team decreases.

Outsource testing should be distinguished from beta testing when the product sanity check is performed by the large number of ordinary users who don’t use a systemic way of testing. Software testing outsourcing companies use industrial testing procedures, systematize obtained results and suggest the ways for the product improvement.

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