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At present many web software products are powered by Drupal.

Drupal is a widely used open source content management system created by Dries Buytaert in PHP.

Web designers and specialists in outsourced testing find the platform is convenient; it offers multiple add-on modules and design variants what allows its users to turn into reality simple and the most sophisticated blogs, sites and web applications.

Though many people all over the world actively use and improve the platform all the time, one mustn’t release any web software into production without thorough functional testing, usability testing, load testing, etc. The users became choosy and even minor defects let alone the serious ones, such as failure to make an order, can draw the users away.

TestMatick test engineers have considerable experience of work at Drupal projects; they noticed common problems of software products powered by Drupal.

Quality Assurance Companies Should Check Whether A Web Product on Drupal:

  • is flexible and adjustable to different requirements; the customer may want to add some pages or change the product structure;
  • has CSS suitable not only for the current web product content; the user shouldn’t face difficulties changing the web pages content, inserting images or tables.
  • has 301 redirects set on all the outdated paths that lead visitors to new, actual paths of the application.
  • utilizes WYSIWYG  technology; the users must be able to see the results immediately during data insertions,  files loading, aligning images, tables, etc.

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