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There are characteristics of good product requirements:


Each software requirement should contain something that the users really want or that is needed for compliance with external system standard. Besides, it must originate from a source that is authorized to define the requirements. Keep track of each requirement back to its initiation like use case, business rules, regulation, etc. Software testing lab is duly equipped to run all possible tests to a high professional standard.


Consistent requirements never conflict with other same-type requirements or with high-level user or system requirements. The inconsistency between the documents should be resolved before the development begins. You do not always know which requirement is incorrect (if any), until you do the research. It is recommended to write down the name of a person specifying each requirement to know who to address in case the conflict is still found.  Be aware of technical writing services to be used to create appropriate technical documentation with timely, accurate and credible information.


You should ensure that requirements can be revised, as may be necessary, as well as maintain a record of all changes each requirement undergoes. That is, they must all be uniquely labeled and identified so that to be referred to unambiguously. Each requirement must be only once documented in the specification. Otherwise, you will easily introduce inconsistency by modifying only one of identical requirements. You had better use the links to the initial statements, rather than duplicate the requirements. The specification can be made more modifiable if you compile a table of contents and the index. Storing the specification in the database of the commercial requirements management tool will make them more suitable for reuse.


It is possible to link each requirement back to its source, and forward, to the source code or design elements, and also to use cases that allow you to verify whether or not the requirements are implemented correctly. The requirements to be traced are marked with the corresponding identifiers. Security testing companies give assurance that IT systems are not sensitive to vulnerabilities after they are checked and protected from unauthorized users.


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