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India has long been considered as a country of large technologies which allow a local IT field to develop and offer numerous useful functions and outsourcing jobs.

Today Indian companies offer world business not only specialized services on software development but also wide infrastructure and professional staff which is able to settle numerous issues connected with performing remote professional software testing.

As we know, the outsourcing industry greatly influenced principles of organization of work of the world business and greatly helped to transform numerous socio-economic and cultural realities in India. But we’d like to admit that not all consequences of such a boom are associated with the positive changes.

Indian IT Company's Office

Indian IT Company’s Office

So let’s analyze all this more thoroughly.

Indian IT field

When you meet Indian companies and corporations, you are very surprised by the size of the market they can work with.

For example, CA, a company which has been working since 1977. Its specialty is a mainframe field and realization of system products which are in some way connected with network management functions. By the way, it’s a first company in the world which managed to earn more than 1 billion dollars only in the development field. It was also one of the first companies which issued IPO.

We can also mention WIPRO team which positions itself only as an Indian IT company without foreign investment. What is interesting about it, is that a well-known Dell brand was found exactly here.

Indian IT Field

Indian IT Field

Newcomers also feel quite good here. For example, you can meet every year the companies which were found not more than 1 year ago but they have approximately 600-800 employees and financial circulation is quickly reaching a six-digit rate.

And here we have an issue connected with a quality of work on the principle of outsourcing with Indian IT companies.

Why shouldn’t we use testing outsourcing to India?

So, the problem is that many people ask to perform a particular work in specialized IT center, for example, in Bangalore in order to save money.

But the problem is that you may get a low-quality work in such a case.

What is the main reason for this? The client really wants to cut costs on the testing process.

You should never get high-quality work if you pay low costs. The quality is always connected to the established price.

Testing in India

Testing in India

If you want to outsource testing of your product, you should search for people who promise to deliver a first-class product but not the ones who really want to cut costs. And you shouldn’t give “a core” of development (even for tests) for outsourcing.

So why testing outsourcing to India is unproductive?

  • Even the best software companies in India have low-skilled employees;
  • More than 50% of testers have only basic knowledge;
  • About a half of their testers are mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, and electrical engineers;
  • Few people want to maintain the quality of a software product. According to statistics from a survey, most Indian testers don’t like their work and their employers very much and this, of course, influences their interest in the work;
  • In most cases, monotonous and tedious tasks which have no end are outsourced to India. Local testers are not interested in searching for a bug in monotonous lists of test cases and don’t have a possibility to devote enough time to their own projects.

Instead of a conclusion

Analyzing the information mentioned above, we may make a conclusion that testing outsourcing to India is not an efficient process and has numerous possible misunderstandings and delays from local developers.

Of course, if you have numerous tasks which must not be of a high quality, you can use the services of local IT experts.

But if you wish to get a high-quality product or release a new version of flagman build, then don’t even think about outsourcing.

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