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A good problem report should be a genuine document with a number assigned to it. It should be simple, clear, legible and impartial. And if at all possible, it should help to reproduce the situation easy and effectively.

It makes sense to integrate Quality Assurance Service in the product development process in order to be sure that the job is done correctly the first time.

Some project managers do not mind when the errors are described verbally, messages are sent by e-mail, or when any other informal information exchange methods are used. But this approach to the report generation process is completely wrong. Unless the programmer does correct the error immediately, as soon as you inform him about it, this error should be described. Otherwise, some of the error details, and even the error itself can be easily forgotten. But even if the programmer corrects the error immediately, the fixes anyway need to be tested later, and to do this you will certainly need to have the report at hand.

Software test outsourcing is performed by people that are not directly involved in the development process therefore it is a good way to obtain unbiased information about the product’s quality.

It must be borne in mind that you and the programmer are not the only people who should be aware of the problems identified during testing. After you are done with a program, it can be used by another tester who is likely to want to see your problem reports. In the future, the programmer that will be responsible for maintaining this program’s health may want to know whether or not atypical piece of the code, which has caught his attention, resulted from error correction process. And if an identified error is not corrected, it should be necessarily recorded, as, further, the record will be considered by management, and also marketing and technical support teams will have use for it.

Error information may not be recorded only in one case: if you work in a programming team for a temporary period, long before the official testing begins. By the start of formal software testing, most problems identified during this stage will no longer exist, and usually, records on these problems are not entered into the database.

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