How is Testing of Mobile Applications Conducted?

Since the advent of the Android system, the development of applications, which work with this platform, has started to develop rapidly. For the release of the application not to be spoilt by a large quantity of defects, the check is carried out.


Bugs appearence and methods of their detection

On the average, a software programmer makes one mistake in every five lines of the code including misprints. It would seem that the figure is quite impressive, especially if to consider the number of code lines in a standard program. 90% of mistakes are corrected by the very developer at the testing stage. Remaining 10% are detected during the testing

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Steps to Conduct Websites Load Testing

Before setting server to work or to load it at its full capacity, it’s necessary to check the maximum load it can withstand. It is made in order to prevent such problems as: long loading, freezing (hanging), errors.


Software Testing at the Development Stage

Ordinary users consider program creation process to be very simple and that it consists only of code writing and creating GUI. In fact, there are software testing companies, which perform various manipulations with the prototype of the program after the code writing.


Functional Testing of the Software

When we start to work with a program we expect that it’ll carry out the tasks, which it is intended for. Software functional testing verifies how the final product corresponds to its technical task, checks whether all functions work properly and whether there are no errors in program functioning.