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In case of absence of automated tools enabling regression testing, the main attention is accentuated on manual testing. This kind of testing is targeted at reaffirmation of the “well-known” state of software after it underwent corresponding modifications.

Due to that it becomes possible to consolidate a great deal of expensive resources or just prevent successful delivery of changes upon request.

Why is Automation QA as a Service Necessary

QA as a service has proven to be eagerly sought. A lot of the users prefer it to other services when it comes to automation of functional and integration testing.

Under these circumstances there can be shipment of inadequately re-tested software since it was more than once modified.

It can involve dreadful effects. QA lab is designed to provide a full range of both testing and consulting services for you to avoid undesirable consequences. The laboratory always provides correct testing results.

The obligation of software developers is rapid and dependable implementation of changes to software for keeping competitive ability.  Testing must be performed rapidly and completely, step by step, so as to support quick change. This does leave a big option but allows making automated the testing process.

Quality control company helps with verification of materials, parts and final products by means of independent checks. It is an expert in QA services. Be sure of high quality testing!

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