White UI Automation Framework Advantages for Automated Testing Services

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White is a framework for automation of UI desktop apps. Some time ago the framework was given to other people to support them. The old documentation and, most importantly, discussions and solutions of the problems can be found here as well.

This is a Net. framework that is why one may write automated tests with usage of any Net programming language. It was created on the basis of Microsoft UI Automation library.Some are known to use C#. in their practice.

White UI Automation Framework Advantages for Automated Testing Services

White has the following advantages:

– Absolutely FREE
– Can be used for automated testing services;
– The ability to download the source code and to suit it to your needs.

This also has the disadvantages:

– Unclear situation with the support that was not maintained for some time; now many attempts are made to breathe new life into it.

It can be used for the automation of small UI WPF desktop applications with a standard control for these needs it is quite enough and the speed is rather acceptable.

Main characteristics of this framework, search of controls and work with them, etc. can be described in detail for someone who is interested in this framework.

To ensure better work of your apps you are recommend to turn to qa consultants.

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