4 Things to Remember Before Seeking Software Testing Company Services

IT outsourcing software development is no more a whim but a popular trend today. Companies that lack time and resources to carry out a certain project in-house decide to rely on QA consulting and testing services from off-site vendors.


7 Major Misunderstandings on QA Outsourcing

While dealing with QA Outsourcing partner first, companies are known to have some preconceptions regarding the differences in work style, partially originating from particular company culture as well as between the teams – an Agile and a traditional ones. Below it is a list of ordinary misunderstandings on QA Outsourcing.


QA Consulting: How to Organize Registration on a Web Shop?

People don’t like to spend time on filling various forms and share their personal data with reluctance. But clients’ personal information is necessary for identification of the clients and marketing purposes.


Why Outsourcing Software Testing Company is a Better Choice ?

Dedicated quality assurance team has grown popular for the last years. Many companies prefer hiring offshore IT professionals rather than have home software testing departments. Advantages of an Outsourced Quality Assurance Team: – it is customized for every client, it meets requirements of the project for which it is dedicated the best possible way; – it consists of highly skilled

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How to Increase the Number of Successful Online Purchases?

Online shopping has many advantages over traditional one, but people face some problems buying gods and services online.


How do Software Testing Services Make an E-Commerce Application Convenient and User-Friendly?

Nowadays lots of web shops offer various products and services.


Peculiarities of Testing a Drupal Web Application

At present many web software products are powered by Drupal.


How does Independent Testing Increase Effectiveness of Development Process?

Though it is believed that programmers play the main role in software development, project profitability and time-to-market of an application depend significantly on test engineers as well. This is especially true for traditional development models such as Waterfall model.


Are Programmers Always to Blame for Software Bugs?

Quality assurance became an integral branch of information technology. No modern application is created without software testing.


How A Quality Assurance Company Can Use CyD NET Utils for Security Testing

CyD NET Utils has a lot of options that can be used by a quality assurance company for sites testing for various errors. One of such options is Security test module that tests the web site for main security problems: [checklist type=”eg. checked, dotted, arrowed” margin_bottom=”no”] SQL Injection; XSS; PHP includes. [/checklist] Search of system security weaknesses is necessary for

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