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Growing interest in cryptocurrency and its active implementation in various important spheres of human life has immediately risen a question on the necessity to meet a particular standard of software quality assurance.

First of all, it deals with issues on the usability of system products security and those companies who took the legal responsibilities for setting and disseminating of such standards. This particular approach to the evaluation of security and quality of cryptocurrency was developed and officially signed in the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium.

Founded non-profit organization of the same name is completely focused on establishing the criteria which must be used in a form of patterns and standards in order to evaluate the security of cryptocurrency platforms in a sense of usability, honesty, trust and complete decentralization.

By the way, everyone can evaluate the quality of one or another cryptocurrency pairs. You should ask the Consortium for certified programs.

According to founders of the document, such practice is completely aimed to help the newcomers who want to better understand the story of the establishment of such field and also other aspects and technological products created on the base of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Services Testing

Cryptocurrency Services Testing

Today 2 certified utilities are available: Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX). Performing the certification process means answers to numerous questions, answers to which mean a perfect understanding of bitcoin philosophy and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin professional document is available for every user of the Internet while the second certificate can be obtained only by the officially approved developer or tester of cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Peculiarities of Testing the Volatility in Connected Adviser PIAdviser

You can add up to 9 crypts (coins).

Using built-in technology “Testing and optimization of trading system” you can perform in the system a range of actions regarding 4 popular trade methods on connected cryptocurrency archives.

The data obtained show the potential profitability of every asset in the range from 155 to 1603 %. In order to check this, you can test trade method on profitability and find out whether the cryptocurrency asset is growing or not.

Peculiarities of Testing the Volatility in Connected Adviser PIAdviser

Peculiarities of Testing the Volatility in Connected Adviser PIAdviser

Such manipulations are made to perform the following investing process on the base of moderate risks (stop-losses): the system shows perfect profitability while using so-called stop-requests to protect your assets.

Having analyzed the example of the test on the base of financial assistant PIAdviser, you can make a conclusion that testing of cryptocurrency pairs is not completely studied and sharpened process. This means that it leaves a wide field of actions on creating even special field of program action which can solve such problems.

Already, the field of cryptocurrency has first documented standards and certifications but it is not enough for creating a particular basis for monitoring the quality of the software.

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