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Testing automation processes are now not just a trendy innovation in IT field but a strict duty of every QA software developer. It is on the same level as all innovations in manual testing.

It means that if you decided to become a tester, you must understand that such types of quality assurance greatly differ from each other and that daily tasks will be also very different.

So, before answering the question: where on the Internet you can become a first-class automation specialist, you must answer such simple question – what are the duties of an automated tester?

Answering this question, you must understand what is automated testing.

Briefly, it’s a special process of software testing which means using special program components to design the tests and immediately check the results.

What Is Automation

What Is Automation

Speaking about automation testing services, we completely understand that it is an interesting process of using various technical tools and parameters which will be programmed to perform particular actions without human control.

Such job as automated tester appeared in the interference of 2 fields: coding and testing. A developer writes scripts which will automatically perform special test cases written by testers.

Requirements for Novice Test Automation Engineers

Requirements for Novice Test Automation Engineers

Where to Get First-Class Knowledge on Test Automation?

There are 2 proven ways: start studying this field by yourself or seek the help of experts, who will tell about their knowledge and share useful life-hacks of this job.

If you have a good level of self-organization, you’d better choose the first variant.

You will easily try to study special books on automation, view useful videos on Youtube, study reports, and conferences which show in detail how to correctly automate classical test cases and which instruments to use. Additionally, you can take out the subscription for blogs of popular testers with whom you can discuss all the pitfalls of this exciting job.

But if you are sure that you can’t do without the help of experienced and skillful QA experts, you should pay attention to the whole list of special courses and online programs available on the Internet.

Where to Get First-Class Knowledge of Automated Testing

Where to Get First-Class Knowledge of Automated Testing

QA Academy

This resource offers a qualitative course “Software testing automation” for all interested testers with basic knowledge of programming where you can study the basics of automated testing, discover for yourself new details of automation, learn numerous interesting ways of visual interface objects identification, etc.

QA Auto

The course is completely dedicated to testing automation and is for those who have some knowledge of Java development and want to improve their knowledge and also personal importance on the labor market.

During the course, you will learn how to work with such a tool as Selenium WebDriver and Java and how modern frameworks Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG work. In the end, you will get knowledge which will help you to create your own framework and run the first automation test.

Software Testing Help

Popular English resource on software testing issues, where you can find much useful information on automation.

You can find here numerous updates of automation, learn presented methodologies, ask experienced QA experts questions, follow the last tendencies in the field of this job, etc.


Popular world network consists of 200 000 automated testers from the whole world who every day help one another to solve questions on automation skills improvement.

On the site, you can find special testing projects and on its base improve your skills and competencies, share knowledge and learn from the experience of skillful specialists.

To summarize, the automation field develops quite well, what means the growth of such a field. It’s logically to suggest that increasing demand for automated testers causes the development of the field where everyone interested QA can study much new and useful information.

Popularity of Automation

Popularity of Automation

Automation is not something far, it’s something that IT field needs right now!

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