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Web-services are often used as intermediary between the client and the data provider. Web service can have several client systems, therefore its performance reliability has a direct impact on availability of any other clients business solutions.

The service allows identifying any defects in the web service and verifying whether it is implemented in the compliance with industry best practices.

Executing automated testing you can know if your web service performs well on different devices or not. With these services you are able to achieve higher productivity of your web testing during which testing cycle time will be reduced.

Key advantages:

  1. Defect detection for integration of the client automation systems, which interact through web-services.
  2. Multi-script verification of web-service performance without deploying of the client additional systems (customers and suppliers).

This service includes:

  • performance testing of web-service that¬†verifies the¬†compliance with the requirements;
  • ensuring the conformance of interfaces and configurations of a web service on existing servers;
  • validation of the web service integration with the systems of customers and suppliers;
  • validation of the web service security (SSL, user authorization).

Software quality assurance services are the processes that can be implemented at any time of software development life cycle. Success in web service performance depends on how it will be tested.

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