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A good issue tracker makes it possible for the project manager and programmer to enter all their questions in the individual fields of the report, and the providers of quality assurance services, also known as testers – add their answers to this same report. Thus, all information relating to solving a particular problem is stored in one place. As a rule, test files cannot be included directly in the database, but there is no reason why one should not include a reference link to these files in the report.

In managing software testing work it is too important to achieve the right balance between the amount of work performed by a tester to document the problem and the amount of effort expended by a programmer to reproduce it. Sometimes, testers are required to write detailed reports and test files for each, even the smallest and obvious error. In other companies, on the contrary, there is a tendency to create the most concise descriptions, and, as a result, programmers spend a lot of time to re-find bugs detected by testers and also reconstruct the test data, rather than simply request for additional materials. It is certain that no one can say unequivocally which balance will be “right”. But there are some considerations with regard to this issue.

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  • Software testing work is usually cheaper than the programming work. However, a programmer who has excellent debugging skills, just using the short but well-written problem report often finds and fixes a bug faster than the tester collects all information associated with this error.
  • At the end of the development process it is especially important to correct errors effectively and as fast as possible – the faster problems are resolved, the faster the product will go on sale. In this case, it is important that developers receive maximum amount of relevant information from testers, no matter how much labor of the latter may cost. In addition, in the final stages of the project it is much easier to involve more testers than developers in the work.

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