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A test plan is an important work product of the project, so it must be carefully checked. If possible, it must undergo a formal check. Not only the members of the testing group, but also the representatives of the development team, marketing groups and management (at least through e-mail) should participate in the checks. Checks have several purposes at once:

All actors involved in the development of a software product must understand and approve the objectives, coverage, limitations and risks associated with software or a system under test.
The approach to software testing should be revised in order to ensure its technical correctness and ensure that it verifies all requirements that have been promised to the customer.
Entry and exit criteria for testing should be correctly understood by all actors working on the project. Any dependencies on the activities of other groups should be clearly documented, and the teams responsible for the different stages of the development must provide the testing team with the appropriate work products within a specified time frame.

Although the exchange of information between the testing team and other groups should be maintained throughout the entire software development process, periodic tracking of the progress for the test plan execution is an excellent opportunity to ensure the coordinated implementation of design work in the early stages of the life cycle. Any misunderstandings and mistakes made when determining test coverage, which will remain unnoticed while monitoring the progress of the test plan, can seriously interfere with the testing schedule.

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What is next??

The time and effort consumed to carry out the planning process can seriously affect the ability of your group to successfully implement a test plan and achieve its objectives. The key stages in the development of the test plan are:

Definition of a test strategy.
Determination of the composition and structure of the test system (hardware and software).
Estimation of testing cost (necessary resources and work schedule).
Assessment of risks and work schedule and preparation of risk mitigation plans.
Preparation and verification of test plan documents.

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