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Now we are going to know what stages are included in software development life cycle and how take part in each. Depending on the method of organizing testing work, a number of the stages may change.

Collection of requirements. The process of gathering requirements is carried out through business correspondence or personal meetings with the client. Its goal is to find out what the customer expects from the finished product. It often happens that the task can be formulated only as a certain problem, which solution must be offered by you. It is better to even offer all possible options and give the client the opportunity to choose. Almost all the team members are involved in the collection of requirements: programmers, testers and analyst (if any).

Programmers find out what technologies and libraries can be used, give recommendations to the client: how the chosen solution will affect the website’s performance and the deadline. This stage is the most important for a software tester. Only a tester who thoroughly understands what should happen in the end will be able to test your product successfully. Therefore, at this stage you need to ask as many questions as possible, think the situation through trying to foresee what should happen in the end. Check whether there are contradictions and non- emphasized areas. If any problems are found later, their solution will be associated with reworking and rewriting a large amount of code. Meeting the deadline will be very difficult task to accomplish.

Mobile application testing service is delivered to check mobile software for failures and fix them before the product gets into user environments.

Effort estimation. Approximate deadlines will be established at the requirements collection stage. At this stage, we need to give a more accurate project estimate. In order to get that done, the new functionality is divided into parts and each part is evaluated based on your experience. Programmers estimate the duration of a development project and the approximate time required to fix the bugs that are sure to be found in the product. Testers estimate the time spent doing testing work and writing technical documentation.

Development of specifications. At this stage all the correspondence should be organized and entered in one document. This work is usually done by the testers.

Writing of the code. When all the requirements are collected, the programmers begin to implement the code. Testers do not participate in this process, but they do not sit idly either. They are preparing to conduct tests, for example, they write lists of what should be checked (Check-list), or perform other functions.

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