QA Consulting: How to Organize Registration on a Web Shop?

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People don’t like to spend time on filling various forms and share their personal data with reluctance. But clients’ personal information is necessary for identification of the clients and marketing purposes.

That is why web shops suggest people to register and have an account in the system. They propose various values and advantages for the registered users.

Specialists in ecommerce testing and quality assurance consulting say that registration process should take minimum time and efforts, otherwise many customers find it confusing and irritating.

Recommendations on Registration:

  • get the needed information from the user during raising a purchase order, not before or after the process;
  • use the clients’ e-mails or phone numbers as login to the system; people always remember their e-mail and phone numbers, but they may forget a username;
  • inform the customers that an e-mail or phone number is used as a login to the system, otherwise the site will not accept the customer’s username during the registration and he or she will not know why that happens;
  • give clear information about the advantages for registered customers;
  • carefully verify the registration process during software testing.

Properly organized registration process is clear and effortless for the customers. Usability testing provided by quality assurance companies shows that sophisticated and annoying registration is a serious usability defect, it scares people away from the site.

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