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ISO / IEC 12207 is an international standard developed by the joint efforts of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard specifies the structure of the software lifecycle processes from concept to retirement. This standard is compatible with the quality system method, ISO 9001 – the the world’s most recognized quality assurance standard and quality control standard. The IEEE / EIA12207 standard is adapted from the ISO / IEC 12207 for United States use. Quality assurance consultant has extensive experience in software testing and quality assurance fields so that to ensure that your products are stable and safe.

The ISO / IEC 12207 standard specifies the following life cycle processes:

Primary processes: Acquisition, delivery, development, runtime and maintenance.
Auxiliary processes: Documentation, verification, configuration management, justification, quality assurance, joint review, audit and problem solving.
Organizational processes: Infrastructure, modification, management and training.

The ISO / IEC 12207 standard does not describe specific life cycle models or software development methods, nor does it describe the details of the development process or the format and content of the documentation. Consequently, organizations seeking to apply ISO / IEC 12207 can use additional standards (for example, one of the IEEE software development standards) to identify activities that cover the development process.

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The ISO / IEC 12207 and IF.EE/EIA 12207 standards provide for several levels of software testing, including:

Code writing and software testing: develop and document test procedures and data for testing each software element.
Integration of software components and software testing: develop an integration plan that will be used to integrate and test software components as they are developed.
Testing software for compliance with specifications: prior to integration make sure that each component of the software meets the requirements.
Testing the system for compliance with the specifications: make sure that the product is ready for release.

In addition, the standards provide support for such activities:

Quality assurance.
Configuration management.
Substantiation and verification.

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