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A digital community constantly creates new technologies which make human life much easier. This year, just like the previous period of the 21st century, is the time of constant assimilation of technological and digital improvements in man’s daily life.

We should thoroughly study these new opportunities in order for the final user of web products could work with them as effectively as possible.

Further, we will talk about actual trends in digital world development in 2019.

Quality at Speed Principle

Continuous exponential technological changes sufficiently influence the way how many web companies hold a deployment process, testing, and operation of the software.

It means that such organizations should find a balance between the deployment of new technologies and the possibility to learn them quickly. Such a practice allows optimizing this learning and speeding up the production of high-quality programs.

Software testing process takes around 30 percent of the whole work on the project. Therefore, it also needs some editing and improvements. Specialists should develop the methodology of task solution during the testing process on the basis of quality and speed principle.

Software Testing Trends in 2019

Agile and DevOps

Choosing the methods of Agile project management is the teams’ decision where requirements change in overdrive. DevOps is the organizations’ choice where the processing speed is the main thing.

DevOps consists of some methods, rules, techniques, and tools which allow integrating developer’s action into the project that already has been started. Such methods cut the period from development to software technical support.

A lot of companies worldwide use DevOps. This technology allows shortening the software lifecycle from its development to deployment and operation from the client’s side.

Deployment of Agile or DevOps on the project helps to create a good and high-demand web product. In the last few years, this methodology became highly relevant. So, there are all conditions required for the growing interest in DevOps and Agile among the clients.

Test Automation

Development teams use test automation to maximize the implementation of the DevOps philosophy. In addition, it is considered as the most important element of any DevOps.

We need to find an opportunity for a gradual transition from manual to automated testing. Since automation is an important component of the DevOps process. Therefore, more than half of the regression checks should be automated.

Considering the fact that DevOps is very popular and the testing automation process is not fully applied (but only 20% of its nominal capabilities), in practice there are many options for its effective implementation. It is necessary to find the most popular and effective automated verification tools which can make software testing easier and more efficient.

Perhaps you should pay special attention to such tools as Katalon Studio, Selenium, and TestComplete. They are leaders in the testing automation sphere, making the process of validation and verification of developed software easier and more reliable.

API Test Automation

Separation of client and server tests is a modern trend in the process of creating web products and mobile utilities.

Specialists can use various APIs for several applications and components. When you use third-party APIs while working with future client programs, their verification is more effective than the client verification process itself.

Recently the API testing automation has been constantly growing and even is ahead of the set of functionalities that the client operates through the user interfaces provided to him/her.

The right process and the right verification tools are more important than ever. So, it’s worth concentrating on learning the most popular API testing tools for current and future testing projects.

AI for Testing

The trends in the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in software testing are a relatively new thing. But despite this, recent advances in these areas open up a lot of opportunities for using AI in software verification.

However, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in testing is at the initial stage. At the same time, there are certain test cases that include these features when checking software.

Every day IT specialists develop the most effective AI algorithms for high-quality test cases, test scenarios, and reports. Also, they create certain forecasting models for areas that are worth testing.

Mobile Testing

Development of mobile software keeps growing in today’s global web sphere. Every year mobile devices become more functional.

Automation of mobile testing has to be a part of DevOps toolset for its full support. Nevertheless, there are so few mobile automation tests (due in part to the lack of methods and tools).

A tendency of mobile app automated testing keeps growing. This is because of the need to shorten the time of release and to have more improved methods and tools for automated testing of mobile devices.

Integration of mobile devices cloud laboratories (such as Kobiton) and automated testing tools (such as Katalon) can propel mobile devices automation to the advanced level of the development.

Integration of Tools and Activities

It is very hard to use a testing tool if it hasn’t been integrated into the executive system of the software lifecycle. Development staff should monitor the possibility of analytical data tracking from different channels at every stage of software development.


Any QA testing company should be familiar with all changes in testing trends. That’s because today we live in the world of unique prominent changes which depend on achievements of the technological and digital world.

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