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Before we proceed with the question of what are the attributes of software quality, we should analyze what is quality.

So, quality is a concept that may be interpreted by different people in different ways. However, there are some common standards. Quality can be considered as:

  • A certain degree of perfection;
  • The best price/quality ratio;
  • And finally, a specific set of characteristics of something that influences potential opportunity to meet the demands (spiritual and material ones).

How can a programmer determine the level of web product quality? Answer: he/she can check if the product fully meets all the client’s requirements.

On the other hand, how can the client identify the quality level? Answer: the functionality completely satisfies the users’ demands.

Further, we will talk about how we can identify the level of software quality in the IT-sphere to make it as clear as possible.

Every attribute can be used to measure product performance. Also, you may use these attributes for quality assurance and quality control.

Quality assurance work is focused on preventing the emergence of defects. Therefore, quality control work focuses on identifying the defects in different products and services.

A specialist uses the following factors in order to identify the level of software development quality.

Baisc software quality attributes

Baisc software quality attributes


It is significantly important to check if the software is fully serviceable, especially in the case of maximum load. Tests should have only positive results and estimates.


All the software versions have to be operable and easy-in-use. A programmer should easily add new parts of the code to the architecture, and a tester should clearly understand the logic of positive test scenarios reproduction.

Undoubtedly, the technical support of software has to be simple and cost-effective. All the time system should be easy-in-use. And finally, new changes and updates shouldn’t cause inconvenience to the department of technical support.


This can be measured by the way how easy is for an ordinary person to use the program. The software must have an intuitive interface and be user-friendly. On the other hand, a client has to learn how to use the program in a very short time. Navigation through architecture should be simple as well.

The product must:

  • Process incoming and outgoing data quickly and qualitatively;
  • Ensure the quality of the user interface;
  • Be simple and easy-in-use for new users.


It can be measured by porting of all the technical matters.


The product needs to meet all the functional requirements, work properly, and display user information correctly.


Obviously, it should be easy to test the system for bugs. A specialist should easily divide it into different modules for testing if needed.


The interoperability of the systems should simplify the exchange of data and services between the product and other systems. Different system modules should work on different operating systems, databases, and terms of the protocols.

To sum up, we can say that with the help of all these attributes listed above, testing companies can check if the system meets quality requirements or no.

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