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It is most likely that your supervisor is a highly experienced tester, and, therefore, all of your test artifacts will be interesting to him. However, it is better to think of him as an administrator and strip away his technical expertise. First of all, he is interested in the progress of work and how well each of the program’s components has been tested. It is also possible that he will be interested when a certain test was performed last or when a given test was run on that aspect of the program, in which a serious error has just been detected. Be informed that top testing companies ensure that manufactured software apps will meet world-class standards by putting them through a plurality of purpose-built, rigorous test processes to detect even the subtlest errors.

Ideally, notes made for the project manager should be stored in the database. Each such note must contain only one record for each test, and the records themselves should contain the following information:

The name or number that uniquely identifies the test.
Set of the classification identifiers. These identifiers specify that this test can be used to verify the correctness and readability of information after its recovery on the disk, sorting, selection of an option from the main menu and mapping of data to be sorted. Thanks to availability of so many identifiers it is easy to find all the tests related to a certain problem once it arises. What do you think about functional testing service – are you satisfied with your program’s behavior? If you want to improve it, please, do not hesitate to recruit reputed functional testers right away.
A list of test results. For each of the cycles in which the test was performed, the list specifies the tester and the number of the cycle, and the outcome of testing is identified such as pass or fail (with reference link to the problem report).

In addition, the program should be divided into a number of functional areas and for each of them it is necessary to determine the approximate number of required tests. Over time, as your own list of the program’s functions will be expanded, it is possible to reconsider this partition. This will help to create “demonstration” reports on how many tests each program area has already passed, and how many tests still need to be done on each of the areas.

The documents for the legal use

If customers file a lawsuit against your company for an error encountered in the program, the lawyer will have to prove that the program was tested thoroughly and carefully and with sufficient professional level.

If that is the case and if the program’s failures can cost customers dearly, be sure to keep records of the work done. Ask the lawyer of the company, which records will be most useful to him. Stress testing services enable people to run tests on programs beyond their operational capacity. The goal of this task is to understand whether the app can handle high demand or fail and then you will need to optimize its performance.

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