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Loading, saving, import and export basic and extended ASCII characters and symbols

Create text files with all the 255-characters extended ASCII set or its subset that is supported by your program. Save them. Look at what happens when they are loaded with the code pages that can be installed by users.

Save the full character set in all file formats supported by the program; try to read all these file formats. If there are many, it is likely that the program will handle one or two of them poorly.
Then, check how bad symbols are imported and exported. Pay special attention to the first 32 codes (characters) of ASCII table, because they are often perceived by printers and various programs as text editors, not as data, but as control codes. Quality control company focuses on assuring the quality of industrial facility’ components, materials, structures and systems.

Testing the exchange of data between programs, please make sure that their versions have been localized. For example, if you want the files exported by the program to be read in MS Word, take its Ukrainian version, not the American one.

Language and Operating System

The tester must know whether the operating system, depending on the language chosen, has different conventions for naming files, their filters, command names, and so on. If you desire to satisfy your customers with your products it makes sense to send them to independent software quality assurance companies for testing.


Underlined or otherwise selected letters in the names of menu items, such as File, mean that they are used to quickly invoke commands. Moreover, it is much faster to use them when working with the keyboard than to shift to the desired menu item and press . Since in the localized version of the product all the command names are changed, you must change all the keys that involve them. In addition, the program can use other keyboard shortcuts – for commands that are not in the menu. They will also have to be reviewed and tested.

Collected messages

The message displayed by the program can be made out of several fragments. For example, frequently used phrases and phrases can be stored in an internal array and inserted into many messages.

Very often, file names, dates, and other data are inserted into the message. However, if you translate fragments of a message from one language to another, and then combine them, the result may be unacceptable. Look through all messages issued by the program for incorrect word order, inconsistencies and meaningless text. App testing service is useful for software developers and users to ensure proper work of their programs.

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