Independent Software Testing Service Providers as Authoritative Interpreters of Use Cases (Usage Scenarios)

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Use Cases (Usage Scenarios) can be included with a separate subtype of successive sets of test cases (or even unformed ideas of test cases, such as checklist items). These represent chains of actions performed by the user under certain circumstances to achieve a certain goal.

Test case or test  suite ( test set):  A set of several test cases designed for a feature / component / part or system being tested, where the post-condition of one test usually serves as the precondition for another test which is next to be run.

A scenario is a hypothetical story used to assist a person in thinking through a complicated system or problem..

This will explained in the first example not related to the “File Converter”. For instance, a user wants to print a sign for hanging it on the office door.  The text is as follows:

The work is in progress, not to knock!To perform the task he will need:

  1. Start a word processing program.
  2. Create a new document (if the program does not do this work all by itself).
  3. Type the text into a document.
  4. Format the text in a befitting way.
  5. Print the document.
  6. Save the document (debatable but allowable).
  7. Close the word processing program.

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So, you have got a use case, which work items may be used to determine the steps of test cases or the whole set of separate test cases.

Use cases can be quite extended and complex, they may contain cycles and conditional branches, but for all that, they have a number of quite amazing advantages:

  • Use cases are represented as simple steps taken by the user to work with the product (as opposed to extensive checklists, where the meaning of individual items may be lost).
  • The cases are clear to end users and are fit to be discussed and improved through collaborative efforts.
  • Use cases and their parts are easier to evaluate in terms of importance than the individual items of the requirements (especially low-level requirements).

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