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To interact effectively with project managers and senior project managers, we will try to understand how testing is integrated into the comprehensive project. Let us not consider ourselves the sole supporters of software quality, but better describe our role as testing specialists acting as a part of a qa organization. Certainly, we provide our colleagues with assistance on management of risks to the quality of the system, which we develop, maintain or release. Which of the quality risk management services and information about the risks will be of value to your colleagues? Can you think of the ways to transmit information about why these products and services will be more valuable to them than they think in the language your managers understand? Can you convince people that they need to conduct testing as it matters a lot for the business? Independent software testing company is at your disposal every time when it is necessary for you to increase customer satisfaction or your brand reputation.

Once you start thinking about testing in a broader context, the business realities of testing are becoming clearer, revealing the following set of obstacles. “Ok, good – a senior manager might say – testing is of benefit, but look at the schedule and costs implications”. Depending on the project the human resources for testing and quality assurance can comprise from 15 to 50% of all the personnel. Test environments that resemble the user environment, which is essential for system testing, can be large, expensive and difficult to maintain. Each test cycle, except for the first one postpones the delivery of the system. These delays are making the leadership angry as time means money for projects: late delivery dates involve contractual fines, missed opportunities associated with delayed release of the product to the public, etc. It is up to you whether you choose QA lab for testing your products or a non-specialized room but the most accurate test results can be obtained within the walls of the professionally equipped premises like a quality assurance laboratory.

In some companies, senior managers can see the political damage relating to the proposing a bump in the budget or postponing the release dates. The initial plan and budget, even if they seem hasty and meager to testers and other staff performing the actual work might have been secured only by means of intelligence on the part of the project management group.

Usability testing services are provided to detect issues that may adversely affect your target audience’s perception of the product.

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