Independent Software Testing Company: Difficulties With the Customer

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For many companies, the main threats to their commercial success are an unsatisfied customer and sales decline. Things important for the customer are not always the focus of attention for the design team. Many developers are more likely to focus their energies on the most modern technology and exciting challenges ignoring client requests. Testing priorities should be focused on issues that will most adversely affect the end-user. They can be established by gathering input from the sales and marketing employees, online help and technical support department. It is necessary to determine what users expected when they first used the product. Dealing with independent software testing company you have no reason to worry as your product will be competently examined and then improved. As a result, you will release the software that will appeal to its customers.

1. What did the client complain about?

Even if some of the complaints appear be superficial or trivial, they are still important for the end user. Due to the small troubles, the user can become skeptical over the whole product. In these situations user perception of the product quality is a very important factor.

2. What features are important to the customer?

It is necessary to ensure that the functions which matter much to the client work as intended.

3. What are the client’s priorities?

It is necessary to understand how the customer intends to use the application. Special requirements may be based on the problematic moments for the client, such as the transfer to the specific platform, interaction with certain applications, performance or processing of specific data formats.

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4. Was there an overlap of work? Whether the failure in any functions will lead to cancellation of the deal or delay in shipment?

If sales are down, the company could potentially retire (then there will not be the product available for testing, but that is not the point!). First of all, we should turn to the issues critical for the business to make sure that the functions operate as expected.

5. What did marketing and sales departments promise the customer?

There may be undocumented features that were promised to the client). When faced with any strong changes in the objectives of the project, you should discuss this problem with the project authority.

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