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Game industry occupies a strong position in the international economy market nowadays. At the very beginning, the value of game development was not too high, but with time it increased greatly. Now many specialists such as testers, dedicated testing teams, developers and designers are involved in the creation of a qualitative end-product. The growth and popularity of the given industry motivate business people to make investments in this sector of economic activity. But one must keep in mind that investments in game development can be not as successful as that which are made in software development. Games were created to entertain people, but not to solve problems. To have fun and enjoy time while playing – it is the main goals of the game industry. That is why all software testing companies should test their games before release.

There are 4 game testing types:

Load Testing. Game testing requires heavy load that should be generated from the computer, so you should create such a situation. Then, a tester will be able to check how the system performs in a stressful situation. After all, it takes less effort to timely discover and adjust potentially insecure code sections during load testing services.

Functionality Testing. It is performed to ensure that the software application is run in compliance with functional requirements. This may include a peer review of game time and time again, the identification of the problems and their resolution.

Compatibility Testing. Mostly, game programming is executed on personal tablets or computers. But not all games are designed for these devices, there are many other gadgets like cell phones, game consoles etc.  Games are developed in simulators for such devices; however, they can be quite different from the originals. Accordingly, one may face significant problems when running the game on the original gadget. So it is critically important to make sure that the game meets the hardware specifications.

Localization Testing. It is essential for the game to be a multilingual in order to be sold in other countries. Even if the game is correctly translated, it may not properly reflect the situation on the ear of the native speaking user. So, after localization testing, the game testing is to be performed by the residents of the courtiers whether the game is intended to be marketed.


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