Do Junior Software Testing Service Providers Experience Discrimination in Recruitment?

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Yes, unfortunately, junior software testing service providers suffer from a biased attitude of employers who set out high requirements for these job applicants. The recruiters are wrong because they do not even think of consequences that can be deplorable.

By this is meant that you can see lots of forever open tester job advertisements. What’s more, there is a lack of due quantity of job applicants. Where can one find a really worthy candidate who has both indigenous technical knowledge and vocational qualification? Nowhere.

You are welcome to look through a common Junior Tester listing. It is very interesting how you will feel after reading the requirements in this job ad and the comments to them.


  • MS or BS in electronics/electrical, computer, or industrial engineering.

But why not mathematics, statistics, architecture or civil engineering?  Is it necessary to have engineering skills to use them in some area of computer technology? As a rule, the answer should be: “No”. A lot of super qualified and gifted testers come from finance, business administration, and even painting!

Software quality assurance testing services can be provided by experienced and skilled testers who were not necessarily technicians at the start of their testing career. They have gradually climbed the career ladder acquiring required knowledge and developing craftsmanship.

  • At least 2 years of experience in software testing environment, ideally involving test case designing, test procedure writing, automated & manual test running.

Each junior tester lacks testing experience, does he?

  • Knowledge of SQL and database technologies is a must

No junior tester needs to be a database technology expert to get test data prepared and initiate a number of SQL inquiries! They will be able to learn it within 2 weeks.

  • Knowledge of Linux/UNIX is a must.

It is not true. It is possible to learn the basics during 2 days!

  • Be good at using different testing tools (ideally X, Y, and Z).

Universities do not teach testers to use testing tools. Moreover, senior testers are responsible for teaching junior testers rather than requiring or expecting them to learn how to operate the tools.

  • X, Y, and Z software testing certifications will be an advantage.

Yes, it will be an advantage, but a junior tester or new graduate is unlikely to have these kinds of certifications. Certifications are basically necessary to become seniors, but not juniors!

Top software testing companies tend to hire well-educated and experienced testers because they have the reputation for exceptional customer service.

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