Web-Site for Online Fundraising Donations and Ideas

Project Description

Using this site users can donate their time, vote or money and stand up against poverty in the world.

The particular feature is that the user has the opportunity to choose how exactly to help.

For instance, one can make a donation that must be used specially for buying seeds and growing vegetables.

It is also unique because users can donate their time or vote using social networks in order to finance projects that change the lives of poor people.

What Our team did

The main goal of this project was to perform functional testing in order to confirm system work accordance to the requirements set.

The task of our team was to provide stable work of all web-site pages in popular browsers.

Special attention was paid to testing of projects sponsorship and functional of user’s personal account.

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TestMatick solution

  • Our specialists have performed testing of web-site in main browsers and applications
  • All found bugs were registered in client’s bug-tracking system

Key Deliverables

  • Defect Reports
  • Test Summary Report
  • Test Execution Results
  • Test Execution Log