Calendar Application for iOS Platform

Project Description

My Day is a calendar application for iOS platform. It allows the users to keep track of important events like planned trips, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries. It is hard to keep all that in mind.

The user has to set up the notifications, and My Day will keep him or her informed how many days left to every event.

What Our team did

Our customers decided to improve their mobile software product and adjust it to their new business needs that appeared with the growth of their business.

Their home development team was working on the software improvements and adding new functions and features, they wanted our team to test the application on a number of popular mobile devices.

It was critical for our clients to perform testing on real devices, not on the emulators.

Our test engineers could do it as there are more than 200 various mobile devices in our lab.

We were monitoring all the documented errors till they were corrected and closed.

TestMatick solution

  • The correct and flawless work of an application
  • Improved functionality and design
  • The application’s flawless work

Key Deliverables

  • Test Plan
  • Test Plan Review Checklist
  • Test Plan Task Preparation
  • Test Problem Report
  • Test Record
  • Test Results Report
  • Test Script

Type of testing completed

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Multi-Platform Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing