Project Description

Business Insurance is a mobile software product that provides recent news from the field of risk management, informs about appearance of new products and services in this sphere.

It is elaborated for people dealing or inquiring about risks, their influence on business.

What Our team did

The customer was looking for a reliable supplier of QA services, which would have a clear idea of how to create a product that would respond the current conditions at the market of new technologies and always increasing expectations of end users.

TestMatick team developed various scenarios for thorough testing of application:

  • Incoming call.
  • Low battery sound warning.
  • Sound warning during Calendar event.
  • Mobile device is out of network coverage.
  • Operation of the application in roaming.
  • Changing the screen orientation.

Specialists of TestMatick developed test metrics and conducted Acceptance Testing on new application versions in an effort to assess the impact of Android OS upgrades.

TestMatick solution

  • Test Cases for Functional and Regression Testing of the application (Black & Gray Box)
  • Compatibility Testing on various cellular and tablet devices for Android
  • Completion Report for every release with lists of defects and other environment issues

Key Deliverables

  • Test Summary Report
  • Test Results Report
  • Software Test Metrics
  • Test Cases
  • Bug Reports

Type of testing completed

  • Mobile Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Functional Testing