Project Description

This task management application designed for iOS devices. It is notable for simple user interfaces and functionality.

It is most suitable for immediate tasks than for long term ones.

It has some options enabling the user to customize his or her list of tasks at his or her own wish.

What Our team did

Our team verified quality of the mobile application.

Most of all our test engineers focused on acceptance testing, usability testing, checked functionality of the software.

As a result, the project expenses were reduced; the application became easier in use and more user-friendly.

TestMatick solution

  • The application’s flawless work
  • Maximum convenient mobile application usage reducing the time end-users spend on application study
  • Improved functionality and design

Key Deliverables

  • Test Summary Report
  • Test Results Report
  • Usability Suggestions Report
  • Bug Reports
  • Test Cases

Type of testing completed

  • Mobile Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • System Testing