Regression Tests Automation for Invoicing Service

Project Description

Project is an online invoicing service for small businesses and professionals. It allows to generate invoices online effortlessly.

It was necessary to automate 900 Test Cases for regression testing over a period of 3 months and write X-Browser compatible scripts.

TestMatick specialists also had to handle dynamic GUI and tables.

What Our team did

Our team created a robust Framework that was utilized for writing the required scripts. Such instruments were used during the work: Selenium (Java, WebDriver), Maven, Eclipse, TestNG, SureFire.

The special dashboard for monitoring status of the scripts and informing other project parties about them was elaborated for convenience.

As a result, the scripts became easy in use; efforts on regression testing were diminished on 80%, return of investment exceeded 50 %.

TestMatick specialists consulted with the clients every day and informed them about the project progress. Every week our company sent the scripts that were ready to the clients.

TestMatick solution

  • Robust Framework for writing the required scripts
  • Reduction of efforts on regression testing on 80%
  • Automated testing advisory

Key Deliverables

  • Automation Test Strategy
  • Automation Test Scripts
  • Automation Framework Manual

Type of testing completed