Automated Testing of a Budget Airlines’ RESTful APIs

Project Description

A budget Airlines from Florida, USA, asked our team to automate tests for their RESTful APIs.
The APIs served for tightly coupled transactions between the users and industry.

TestMatick specialists had to select the most suitable instruments for automation, send HTTP requests to the server and find and evaluate JavaScript Object Notation responses.

What Our team did

The tasks were complicated, because the customers knew little about automating APIs, and there was no Graphical User Interface that could help to recognize the API responses.

Our experts decided to utilize such instruments as SoapUI Pro, Jenkins, LoadUI. Scripts for evaluation of JavaScript Object Notation responses were written in Groovy, they allowed to check the dynamic values.

Jenkins and SoapUI Pro helped the customer’s development team to schedule creation of build versions and test them.

TestMatick solution

  • Elaboration of special robust framework
  • Execution of load testing of the APIs
  • Training the customer’s employees to maintain the automated tests


Key Deliverables

  • Automated Scripts
  • Performance Scripts
  • Performance Testing Results
  • Test Results Report

Type of testing completed

  • API Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing