What Our team did

WebShadow is an application that protects children from harmful influence of the Internet.

It is convenient and customizable. WebShadow allows parents to control online activity of their children.

Parents get to know what sites their children visit, how much time they spend on the sites by means of the tool.

WebShadow is a reliable helper in guarding children in dangerous online world.

TestMatick solution

Our team developed test cases by utilizing the business requirement document.

Written data driven test scenarios handled the cases that required multiples sets of data.

We performed complete integration, end-to-end testing and user acceptance testing of the application.

TestMatick specialists checked the data flow through the frontend to backend and used SQL Queries to extract the data from the database.

All defects were reported in Bontq bug tracking tool.

Key Deliverables

  • Execution backend testing using SQL queries
  • Development test cases for user acceptance testing
  • Reported defects were submitted to the team lead

Type of testing completed

  • Test Cases
  • Test Data
  • Defect Reports