Lead Engagement Platform for Enterprise Sales People

Project Description

It is a useful tool for salespeople of different companies who promote their services and products by means of modern social media such as Quora, Linkedin, Spiceworks, Meetup.

This platform helps to contact the clients via popular social services and networks, and increase the number of responses 10 times.

What Our team did

The web application was tested to support multiple languages, multi-user access and integration with third party solutions.

Our team was responsible for reporting and reviewing bugs, preparing Test Plans and writing Test Cases to validate business workflow using Zephyr and Atlassian Jira.

We created multiple scenarios to test data entering into appropriate databases as described in Test Plan and made deep analysis of data driven test.

We executed sanity testing of new builds and coordinated with the client for on time delivery of the tested build.

TestMatick specialists were involved in providing high level & detail estimates of the testing milestones.

TestMatick solution

  • Web application was launched successfully with multiple languages support
  • QA process was built from the scratch using only Software Requirements Specification
  • Test execution was suggested to run in Zephyr that increased quality by 20%

Key Deliverables

  • Test Plan
  • Test Cases
  • Defect Reports
  • Test Summary Report
  • QA Cycle Status Report
  • User Acceptance Testing Report

Type of testing completed

  • Web application testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing