Why Do Top Software Testing Companies Run Localization Testing

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It is a well-known fact that there are many various software testing techniques to be performed to achieve different objectives. The basic methods of conducting software testing are divided into 2 types: manual testing and automated testing.

Top software testing companies provide world-class testing and quality assurance services at reasonable price. Carrying out functional testing they aim to ensure that all the functions of the system are implemented in accordance with its requirement specification. The goal of user interface testing is to verify GUI in order to make sure that the application functions properly; it involves examining the screens with controls such as menus, icons, buttons and all types of bars.

Regression testing is done to build confidence that the new changes to the product have no unforeseen side-effects as well as to confirm that the defect got repaired and the older programming continues working as expected. Which one of these testing types do you prefer to be done? Or do you want something else?

However, the absence of bugs in the program, fascinating design and usability do not always contribute to the success of the product. Everything is more complicated than you think, especially if the question is software localization.

Most software companies choose their orientation towards the global marketplace. Accordingly, it is very important for them to prove themselves to be “stewards” of legacy and reputation. At that, they should assure purchasers that they can manufacture quality products and do this at the very beginning of the globalization process. In other words, the firms must win the customer’s trust and satisfaction and keep own standards high from now forward.

A reputed quality assurance company offers a wide spectrum of services to solve all possible problems associated with localization of the product. Localization testing is intended to adapt internationalized application for a specific language or region by translating text and adding locale specific components. For example, game testing companies prepare localization and functional elements of a game to ensure its success in every language and market.

2 Main Goals of Localization Testing

Ensure that software is functionally and linguistically correct and is ready to be made available for particular target locale/culture.

  • Ensure that key points (like cell num formatting, icons, color scheme, all types of bars, etc.) of the software are optimized for a particular market.

Benefits of Successful Software Localization

  1. Worldwide recognition of the production.
  2. The increase in the manufacturing company’s profitability.
  3. Market expansion.
  4. Brand recognition.

Top load testing companies are able to improve performance, find bottlenecks and optimize user experience. Their services are the key to the production of backend infrastructure since load tests help to identify the system’s behavior under real-world load conditions.

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