What You Should Learn to Become a Tester: Quick and Useful Tips

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Learning new material should be structured according to set tasks together with a clear implementation plan. This helps to reach goals.

If you wish to master the profession of a QA engineer, you should understand its basics and also be ready to dedicate a lot of time to learning material.

If you have selected the main goal, you need to pay attention to interim goals since they help gradually reach a set goal.

Let’s imagine that you have set a goal – selected a course you would like to take to learn a future profession.

Your next step should be preparing for the work environment:

  1. Prepare a workplace;
  2. Supply technical equipment;
  3. Installing additional software for use while taking a course.

While taking a course (regardless of the type of learning — remote or onsite), you need to record a theoretical part (course’s lectures) — this will help you acquire new skills.

While learning the course’s material, try to get additional consultations if you have questions on certain topics.

It’s also important to take part in discussions of home assignments or complex tasks and also implement them.

Knowledge exchange among students is always efficient while learning new material.

To reduce stress while learning, it’s very important to distribute learning time during the day. Correct planning of a learning process stimulates getting qualitative education.

While learning the course’s material, you should remember that reaching interim targets will help to approach the main aim.

Executing secondary tasks should be rewarded if you have learned them. You can select a type of reward for qualitative learning yourself by analyzing your interests and tastes.

It’s very important to get a fair score for doing home tasks, taking a level of learning material into account.

Also, recommendations on using additional materials will be helpful during learning.

Thorough learning of material will help to understand the sense and responsibilities of a future profession (in our case — quality assurance). This provides independent searching for additional information.

While taking a course, you should make a table or create a checklist with the main and secondary topics to record the progress of knowledge. These documents will show to what extent you know the learned material and what tasks you need to work on more.

After taking a course, you need to look at learned material, using a ready summary, and also you should use it for preparing for a job interview.

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