What Does Test Team Leader Strive To Know About Providers of Quality Assured Services

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Almost each test team leader wants to obtain information about how his people perform the tasks assigned to them by him. He wants the quality assured services to be delivered to a high professional standard therefore he uses statistical data on each employee’s productivity to know if the team members work towards a shared purpose and harmonize their contributions. But before claiming the effectiveness of this method to determine the quality of the testing work it is necessary to give the answer to the below question:

Is the number of the problems identified in a week helps to measure the productivity of the tester? At the start of the test, it is common to find a lot of errors in the program. Next time, the increase in the number of defects identified is observed at the end of the first stage of the development, because the code is still very unstable at this time. Then it all depends on the specific project. If the product is unstable, the periods of very high error rates may alternate with weeks of extremely decreased error rates, when testers create only five or six reports per week. In other projects first there is an increase in the number of errors detected as testers get familiar with the product, and then the errors rates gradually decline, which is evidence that the program is becoming stable.

If you want to be provided with the accurate information about your program’s quality and determine its stability it is time to use stress testing service. The item will be deliberately subjected to intense load to ascertain that it can withstand the stress.

Thus, it is impossible to create a universal scheme that would manage unexpected fluctuations in the error rate – the events may develop absolutely differently, and it all depends on many circumstances. Perhaps, the only thing you should consider is when some tester regularly submits not many problem reports. This is what happens if a person always changes testing area: allots one task, devoting a few days to solving it, writes several reports per day and then switch to another task. A further indication of the tester’s negligence is when his reports mainly describe the most obvious design flaws and the most easily detectable errors. In addition, there may be testers that deliver standard (stable) performance even working according to the poorly defined plan. To avoid dealing with unconscientious testers it is necessary to collaborate with the staff of QA testing companies from Ukraine.

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