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So let us find out what the meaning of defect is. Frankly speaking, a software defect is nothing else but a missed requirement, in other words, it is the deviation from the requirements. The reason for this is that the specification document is written without a certain area which was simply missed. Or, sometimes, (it is called a grey area) some components of the app do not match the end user’s expectations.

Besides poorly written requirements, the assumptions of quality may be made according to industry standards. Among these are a poor layout, page navigation issues, design consistency, slow page load times, etc. If no special consideration is given to these factors, and they are left unspecified, it is within reason, and consequently, may be considered as a failure in logic or coding. But not only coding errors cause software defects. Requirements gaps mostly occur in non-functional requirements such as scalability, testability, usability, security, maintainability, performance.

No matter if the defect is written or just assumed, it may be a potential hazard that will adversely affect the performance of the software.

Penetration testing companies are involved in identifying vulnerabilities by attacking the system in the attempt to access the computer’s data or features. They offer organizations to take urgent countermeasures to mitigate the risk of a security breach. You cannot imagine how many users have increased the security of their network-accessible services with the help of penetration testers.

The specialists may use multilayer methodology so that to detect and fix security defects in an application or a system.   

A defect is an error, flaw, fault, inconsistency, failure of a system or application that causes it to work improperly, in an unexpected way, or to produce undesirable results.

Defects can be sometimes called bugs.

Many companies/firms tend to outsource QA as it allows them to reduce costs and increase the quality of their products. Using the services of offshore testing teams, you are more likely to have software with a minimum number of defects.  

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