What Developers Think About Software Testing

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Sooner or later, testers face such developers who are fully confident that software program code shouldn’t be modified to simplify the process of its verification. This is a very important point and you cannot just ignore it.

What to do in such a situation so as not to argue with colleagues but to stay on your own?

Cover Your Back

In general, it is not even worth thinking about why the developers sometimes contradict the advice of testers. Just be sure that you have a complete list of documents confirming that you reported the improvements which unfortunately were ignored.

Then, if a project manager comes at you for wasting time on tests, you can easily prove that you tried to do everything you could.

Agree that such a solution (e.g. when providing QA services) seems extremely reasonable and should not cast a shadow over QA.

Software Issues Are Not Only the Testers’ Problems

If developers strongly disagree with testers, do not think that you should make them change their minds. Tell your PM about it, and let him/her deal with it.

Ideally, someone higher up than you should influence the developers so that they can make the adjustments you need. It should be your PM’s task, not yours!

To summarize this point, it is worth saying that you should make the problem so big, so it won’t be unnoticed by all members of the project team. This can be used as a way to prioritize incoming corrections.

All Changes Must Be Secure

For example, one member of the project team assumes that the reason for the change in program code lies in the lack of confidence in its perfect performance.

Programmers may worry that editing will lead to new problems or break their insufficient ideas about how everything functions.

Testability cannot be improved because there is no trust in the written code since it has an extremely low level of testability.

If this is the problem, you should think about how to properly implement the proposed changes safely. Think about how it could potentially affect the software and how to test for such changes.

This Problem Doesn’t Have to Be Yours

In most cases, testers have a problem that needs to be solved immediately. And the development department will be extremely useful here. But it’s not right!

The more “barriers” between testers and developers will be broken, the harder it will be for developers to work with unstable tests. If developers can solve some problems that prevent them from working comfortably, be sure, they will be motivated to resolve them as soon as possible. However, if developers ignore some problems, it will be the QA team’s problem.

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