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In this article, we will talk about some tools that are good for one who wants to analyze what is missing on a project and to know what basic changes are needed for better website performance.

Yslow logo

Yslow logo


This tool allows conducting a useful analysis of page-in and a load of its separate components. Users can test the localization of headings, file compression using, the procedure of moving the scenarios into separate files. As result, you’ll get the info on how to improve the whole project.

The basis of the product’s functionality includes solutions to the Yahoo Company. The portal is presented as a small extension of the most popular and famous web browsers.

Web Developer Checklist

Web Developer Checklist is a really interesting tool for programmers and testers that allows testing the website readiness to production step-by-step.

Site Scan

A useful tool from Microsoft that scans a project and says how to implement planned changes correctly if needed.

PageSpeed Insights logo

PageSpeed Insights logo

PageSpeed Insights

One of the most used tools from the Google Company. Its main features are analysis of content and a technical stack of the site under test.

Also, it suggests tips that can significantly improve the page loading speed. Its functionality evaluates operating speed and user-friendliness. Tips from the program can be a recommendation or a critical form. The last group includes such things as a page rendering block by JavaScript code that was wrongly inserted into the header.

Test my Site

This is another tool from Google that allows you to check the speed of a web page on virtual mobile platforms. Its peculiarity is that at the end of the analysis, the percentage of users who leave the site is displayed without waiting for the page to finish loading. According to

Google’s statement, to meet expectations, the site should load in no more than 3 seconds.

GTMetrix logo

GTMetrix logo


This is a special development from the GT hosting provider, which contains developments from PageSpeed Insights and Yahoo Yslow.

The product allows you to get the most valuable analysis in a single graphical interface and use the highest quality developments of these companies in the form of a single product.


WebPageTest analyzes the loading of a web page from different parts of the world and allows you to display the site in the most popular web browsers. The product has parameters that can display information about page load time or show such analytics in a graph.

It is a very useful thing, especially if you want to adapt the project for a wide variety of browsers.

SEO Checklist

This tool allows you not to forget the slightest detail when carrying out SEO-optimization of the website. In addition to simple optimization for search engines, you can track the progress of a technical audit of a website, optimize links, and also investigate the social activity of users interacting with the site you want.

You can easily add your items to the checklist, as well as download data in a convenient form (based on a PDF file).

Browser Shots interface

Browser Shots interface

Browser Shots

A popular service, by going to which, the user will realize that he/she knows very few web browsers. On the service, you can check exactly how the site will be displayed in all currently existing browsers.

The portal is free and you can use its functionality without registration, but if you want to conduct a detailed check of every single web page, you will have to create a paid account.

Screenfly logo

Screenfly logo


This tool allows a user to “look” at the site with a whole list of devices (from tablets to phones) without having them on hand – you just need to enter the site address and select a device from the proposed list of virtual gadgets. You can even enlist the functionality of a virtual smart TV and set the optional required window size in pixels.


This program offers a full range of services to check a particular site. Testing is carried out on a very large list of technical features, among which one can single out the quality of the program code, adaptation for mobile gadgets, link forms, and site materials, the quality of the headings, etc.

Also, there is a separate column containing recommendations for improving the site. Only those tips that are worth listening to in the first place go there.

There is a ranking of assessments by the quality of the site. The rating 10 is the highest and it is received only by those sites where all the shortcomings and critical errors have been fixed.

Dotcom-tools logo

Dotcom-tools logo


This is a product that allows you to test a site from more than 25 corners of the world on 5 continents. Also, in addition to checking, there are multi-page performance reports which include the following criteria:

  • testing for HTML errors;
  • the presence of fast and slow elements on the site;
  • clear and well-written description of the data processing speed;
  • dividing objects by the elements of the host used.

To Sum Up

The tools examined in this article will help you analyze your site and find the reasons for its possible ineffective work. As a result, you will get all the key indicators: SEO data, loading speed, position among competitors, and display on various devices.

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