Tricks of Mobile Application Testing Service

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In order to release a functionally correct mobile app you need to test it throughout the entire life cycle. Providers of mobile application testing service are successful in ensuring higher quality of the programs. They have made up their mind to share some important testing tricks with mobile app users…

Thus, let us go…general information

1a. There are often problems faced by the users who have certain devices or live in certain countries (for example, Vodafone UK (provider of telecommunication services in the United Kingdom) has difficulties with WebP images). In order to check this peculiarity you can use DeviceAnywhere Platform (paid service), or PerfectoMobile (also paid service), or Samsung Device Lab (may available without payment for some time).

1b. You need to be able to downgrade firmware, because of mobile platform fragmentation especially such as Android and Blackberry phones. Cloud-based services are widely used, but they cost money and, unfortunately, not all companies have sufficient cash to pay for them.

  1. Use a set of cases “network problems”, using a router / procs / WANEm / Network Link Conditioner (MacOS, iOS) to the maximum.
  2. Fill the memory of your device before starting to run an application, and hence by doing so you:
  • conduct stress testing;
  • check program execution speed;
  • determine where you should go back after the application stops running and whether update services and etc. will begin to work or not.

Be aware that mobile testing companies provide their services on regular basis so that to be at your disposal on demand. Your mobile application must meet all your needs and expectations!

So, the next paragraph:

  1. Run the application under a debugger because:
  2. Learn how to insert the log requests in the source code of your application.
  3. You can use dropbox if your application updates the data from the xml / plist. It could be possible to emulate even a server!
  4. If you need a proxy-server, there is a chance to use CharlesProxy (it has manual for iOS, Android devices and emulators).
  • there is an opportunity to learn the Zen ways;
  • you may work on the application without haste, and, in some cases, due to such working rhythm it is easier to uncover bugs;
  • if an application fails or when its exception occurs then it will stop working and it will be possible for you to ask the developer to debug the program right away.

Unfortunately, it occurs to everyone to use mobile testing service only when an app of theirs starts behaving incorrectly. But according to the famous proverb that says the following: “make a provision for a rainy day but in good time”, it is not wise to wait till your program shows wrong behavior as you may be late to ensure its desirable quality! Any mobile app needs to be examined for its entire life cycle and also in post-release time even it works smoothly!

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