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It Is Impossible to Identify All The Design Errors

 The program conforms to the specification, if it does exactly what it is expected to do according to the specification, and that is all what it must do. Some people believe that if the application conforms to the specification, it works correctly. But what if the specification says that 2 + 2 must be equal to 5? What will be considered as an error in the program – exact conformance with the incorrect specification or deviation from it?

 Top software testing companies, despite their many years’ expertise in qa field, cannot find all the errors in the program as it is simply impossible.

 Like everything that is done by humans, specifications often contain errors. Some of them are random ones (2 + 2 = 5), while others result from miscalculations made by the designers. Actually, user interface flaws are often associated with the design errors. But if the program contains an error, the user does not care at what stage of development it occurred. Therefore, if the program was written based on the wrong specification, we say that it is wrong. If the program shows incorrect behavior it is time to resort to software performance testing services.

Like any other problems, it is impossible to detect all user interface errors. And you are unlikely to find anyone who may claim to be able to address this challenge. Thus, that is one more reason why software programs cannot be thoroughly tested.

 The Сorrectness of The Program Cannot Be Proved Logically

 All computers use logic in order to perform all their functions. Programs are written in a very precise language. On analyzing the program logic, it is possible to determine its state at any point of the code and at any time.

 Without doubt, there will be the problem to find time and tackle the certain number and all types of conditions. But even if they are not taken into account – then what exactly can be verified by analyzing the code? Be aware, that it is referred only to the compliance with the specification of the program, but not to the correctness of the specification.

 One More Thing. Arguments – they, too, are marshaled by a man, and therefore, may contain errors or omissions. Where is the guarantee that the logic of the person, who analyzes the program, is more precise than the logic of its designer?

 You have known only about some of the problems. In fact, there are even more. You always have not enough time, and have a lot of the necessary work.

One should not forget about penetration testing service if there is a desire to keep the private data secure. Otherwise, without pen testers, you are running the risk of letting intruders access your computer’s features!

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