Top 5 Freelance Marketplaces for QA Engineers

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If you are a dedicated QA engineer and constantly look for freelance work, you probably understand how difficult and tedious this process is. But don’t let that bother you. There are tons of web portals that are dedicated to helping professionals like you find a first-rate and well-paid job.

This article provides the top 5 freelance marketplaces that help multi-skilled QA specialists find a job.

The Concept of Freelance Marketplace

A website for freelancers or freelance marketplace is a specialized online platform where everyone can find a job, and interested employers can post their offers for hiring (or for a short-time task). Freelance is a good way to earn money for your skills by doing work at a place and time that are convenient for you.

Needless to say, that with the help of these sites, everyone can even start a career. And it’s not only about QA. Such marketplaces help to enlist communication with the first client and earn the trust of future employers.

#1 Fiverr



While exploring all available online marketplaces, lay your eyes on this portal. Here, freelancers can not only show their current projects but also analyze available proposals from potential employers.

By the way, this marketplace has a section with free courses that help freelancers to get the necessary experience and master the right communication skills.

# 2 Upwork



Upwork is probably the most sought-after and popular freelance marketplace in 2021. This platform provides good tools for freelancing work: a web-based team space, a built-in invoice calculator, and honest personnel recruitment.

On this platform, if you have the proper approach and rating, you can get work from such global corporations as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Microsoft. If you look for interesting projects and want to secure long-term contracts – this site is exactly what you need!

#3 Toptal



This is a freelance marketplace, the creators of which told with all responsibility that more than 5% of the best QA freelancers from around the world are there. Naturally, the more you work and earn your reputation, the greater the chance of getting long-term orders with a good level of remuneration.

#4 Simply Hired

Simply Hired

Simply Hired

Undoubtedly, this web platform can be on the list of the top freelance marketplaces. The main and very interesting feature of this platform is a real opportunity to view a potential vacancy in geographic proximity. Additionally, the site has parameters for filtering job postings by rate and a web toolkit for assessing the price of services for a potentially completed contract.

By the way, although the portal is in Russian, developers have implemented an English blog with an exhaustive manual on how the platform works.

#5 Crowded



The Crowded platform features an AI-powered job selection process. The client makes a new posting, and the system automatically finds a potential candidate who can meet all the basic criteria for hiring: the cost of work, current experience, skills, and deadlines for completing the task.

But this function will be useful not only for employers. Thanks to it, freelancers do not have to bother with the constant completion of a work application. All they have to do is to let the AI do its job and then wait for response from customers.

Short Summary

Being a first-class QA freelancer means having constant freedom of choice in your work. Also, it’s a real opportunity to work where and when it is convenient for you! A list of online freelance marketplaces provided in this article can help everyone to make their career path.

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